Your Say: Thursday, September 14, 2017


HOW DID we lose the preciousness of having a mum and a dad? How did we lose the connections we always had with our grandparents? This plebiscite forces human beings into a decision is scary for everyone. We think ‘no’ but we dare not say it as free speech is for a selective few. We think ‘yes’ and we are embraced by the community if we vocalise. What happened to every human being, in a relationship, just enjoying or revelling in being in love? Now we are all having to vote which is costing taxpayers to state how we feel. Who cares individually about us? No-one because it is about our private lives and our choices to love who we do. I still believe that all of us would benefit if we have a matriarch or a patriarch to consult. This is our grounding as children and as adults. Never underestimate the elderly because even though they are not up to all this new technology, they are always there for us, no matter what.

Felicity O’Neill, Deloraine.

The plebiscite

THE same-sex marriage “Claytons’ plebiscite has received the nod of approval from the highest court in the land. Whatever the result someone will come second in this debate and that will lead to some disenfranchised citizens. That's the penalty for living in a democracy. I will not vote, because I am disgusted by the entire ‘yes’ and ‘no’ vitriol and I can’t understand why we can’t have an objective rational debate without offending someone’s sensibilities. The debate has moved to a level lower than the gutter (both sides), and it shows the latent immaturity and selfishness of the various lobby groups and the general populace.

Ted Horlock, Latrobe.

Plenty of reaction

HASN’T the same-sex marriage debate sparked a lot of nervous reactions, mainly from those of a religious belief. We are not all Muslims or Christians, we are Australians, give us a break and our freedom of choice. I am a heterosexual but am happy if a tree is allowed to marry a rock (so to speak).

A.R. Trounson, Needles.