Letters to the editor: Thursday, September 14, 2017


John Cole, of Shearwater, has urged councils to worry about municipal issues rather than involve themselves in flying the rainbow flag.

John Cole, of Shearwater, has urged councils to worry about municipal issues rather than involve themselves in flying the rainbow flag.

Flying the flag

WE HAVE seen a number of municipal councils coming out advising us how to vote on the forthcoming same-sex marriage vote. It is nothing to do with councils. Use your time and effort to do the job the ratepayers have out you there for. Personal preferences for this vote are nothing to do with you, chief executives of various known companies, or the church. We won't expect or accept this interference at state or federal elections.

John Cole, Shearwater.

Postal vote

REGARDLESS of the result of the postal vote on same-sex marriage, Christians should never be afraid to express their beliefs which are based on the teachings of Jesus. There are obviously forces in Australia who are hell-bent on removing its influence from our society, so they can then impose their own ideologies on us.

Examples include: Christian leaders being taken to court in an obvious attempt to stifle reasonable free speech; a hotel, due to host a Christian conference on marriage having to cancel the event because of staff being threatened with violence if it went ahead; a call for a highly respected doctor to be deregistered simply because she was part of a television advertisement promoting the "no” vote; and a ferocious campaign for the name of tennis legend Margaret Court to be removed from a major stadium at Melbourne Park simply because she expressed her support for traditional marriage.

The same-sex issue was described recently as a rainbow Trojan horse. I guess the warning being, it's not only the horse that we have to focus on but what else that comes with it. Almost certainly "what else'' will include a continuation and expansion as to what children are taught in schools regarding radical sexual and gender issues -  with parents having no rights to absent their children from such teachings if they disapprove of the content.

For those who try to discredit  the entire Christian faith by referring to the despicable crimes of a minority of  clergy,  I say, let the guilty answer for their own crimes. There will always be some "bad apples'' in any organisation. Overall, the Christian contribution to Australian society has been overwhelmingly for the good. 

Ian Macpherson, Newstead.

Marriage Equality

CHANGING the marriage act once could give rise to other types of marriage. As a contented, happy male whose marriage is approaching 60 years, with four middle-aged children and nine grandchildren, I’m proof that the old fashioned way is not to be scotched at. The strength you gain with support of a close-knit family is probably the main reason for my recoveries from two heart attacks, and now six years in remission, resulting from an inoperable brain tumor. My wife is the backbone of our family who has overcome bowel cancer and a recent stroke. Two males getting married or two females getting married? Good luck.

Hugh Boyd, Prospect Vale.

Same-sex Marriage

THERE IS no doubt there are passionate supporters of both sides of the same gender marriage issue, but viewing footage of a pro-yes rally in Hobart has overstepped the mark. To have primary school-age children holding placards supporting gay marriage has gone too far. Let kids be kids and let the adults fight their own battles.  

Robert Lee, Summerhill.

What our vote is for

I WOULDN’T trust a used car salesman who wanted me to sign a contract without reading it first. Why should I trust a politician who wants me to vote on same-sex marriage if I haven’t seen what the legislation will be? How can any of us be expected and encouraged to vote if we don’t know what it is that we are voting on?

Kelly Wilton, Invermay.