The Big Red Walk 2017 in Launceston supports Kidney Health Australia

More than 200 people were dressed to impress at Sunday’s Big Red Walk, supporting Kidney Health Australia.

The Launceston event coincided with other walks across the country to raise awareness of and improve the lives of Australians affected by kidney disease.

Organiser Mandy Moore, who was diagnosed with renal failure at just 13 years old, said the money raised went into research, accommodation for people undergoing transplants, children’s camps and dialysis buses.

“This raises the awareness of the importance of us going to the doctors and having out kidney checks done,” she said.

“Currently one in three Australians is at risk of developing kidney disease, every day 60 Australians die with kidney related disease and more than 1.7 million Australians have at least one sign of chronic kidney disease but are unaware of it.”

The event is in its sixth year and also aims to show people that small changes can help to keep you healthy.

“[A transplant] is a treatment not a cure, at the end of the day you have bee given a second chance at life, you do what you can do while you can do it,” Ms Moore said.

“For a healthier lifestyle we all can make little changes here and there, it’s not massive but we can start small and work on it.”

Ms Moore said also hoped to share the knowledge that not all forms of renal failure were due to lifestyle.

“There are disease that we are born with that can cause damage to kidneys and as we get older [function declines],” she said.