Your Say: Monday, September 11, 2017

Salvos Spring Clean

I DO NOT believe in the up-pricing of donated clothing via op shops. Do Something managing director and National Op Shop Week founder Jon Dee said: “We need the Australian public to dig deep into their wardrobe and donate good quality clothing directly to their nearest charity op shops (The Examiner, September 1). Why not donate them directly to the consumer? Why does a middle man need to be involved and cash in on people’s generosity? I’m sorry Mr Dee but that $50 jumper on your rack was “given to you”, now you’re trying to “sell” it to me, and to the Salvos who advertise “Buy one, get one half price. I argue but they were both free in the first place?

A.R. Trounson, Needles.

TasWater Takeover

WITH THE government's proposal to take control of TasWater it may be time to abandon the iniquitous policy of charging water/sewerage rates on unoccupied land. The fact that the above services pass by the land but are not utilised by the owner is indeed and unfair policy. Telstra and Aurora do not charge for their services when there is no connection. Council rates are levied on the land and this should be sufficient. This impost on ratepayers has gone on for too long.

Darrell G. Parker, Lake Leake.


WHEN are free to air channels going to be fined for their programs running over time? I think $1000 every five minutes might stop them from messing up people’s viewing schedules.

Fran O’Sullivan, Riverside.

Extra services

IT IS good that some pharmacies-chemists have gone beyond filling prescriptions to offering flu shots, blood pressure readings, haemoglobin estimation and checking for diabetes. Recently on a visit, a grossly abnormal reading was registered. I was able to go to my GP and had the situation rectified. If it had not been detected, it could have gone on for months and maybe could have resulted in serious consequences. I am very grateful.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.