Dorset Council opens up Community Grants Program

Dorset Mayor Greg Howard
Dorset Mayor Greg Howard

What do netball courts, a martial arts club, a car rally and regional arts have in common?

They were all community-run programs and projects that benefited from the Dorset Council’s Community Grants Program last year.

Tens of thousands of dollars are once again on offer as the 2018 program opens up for community groups to apply.

Dorset Mayor Greg Howard said community groups could apply for a slice from the total pool of $50,000 as long as they were aimed at benefiting people in the community.

“In reality, it’s an opportunity for community groups and sporting organisations to get funding to contribute to programs aimed at improving Dorset,” Alderman Howard said.

It was not the first time the Community Grants Project had been run and it had been successful in improving parts of Dorset, Alderman Howard said.

That included resurfacing the Scottsdale netball courts, assisting a fundraiser aimed at bringing a car rally to the area and boosting the budget of the Arts of Track program, he said.

Three grants are on offer to community groups which varied in criteria depending on the type of project and the funding required.

Alderman Howard did not rule out earmarking additional funding to larger projects and said each project would be considered on its merits and outlined benefit to the community.

The Dorset Council Community Matching Funds Grant Stream offers up to $15,000 for larger projects with matching contribution for the group.

Community organisations with seeking funding for projects on land owned by Dorset Council can apply for the Dorset Councillors Discretionary Grant Stream for up to $15,000.

The third grant of the program is the Dorset Council Small Grant Stream offered up to $1000 for groups contributing to community life in Dorset.

Financial assistance could be sought for programs, projects or events improving the well-being of people living in the region.

To apply for a grant, go to the Dorset Council website and search for grants/funding opportunities, which lists the criteria and additional grants on offer from other organisations.