St Finn Barr’s Primary School gets involved in Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is coming up on Friday, August 25 and there have been activities aplenty to raise awareness for the occasion.

St Finn Barr’s Catholic Primary School has got behind the day, with the primary school hosting a number of events throughout the month of August. 

This includes a painting and potting activity with grade two pupils that was co-ordinated by Cancer Council Tasmania and Bunnings.

The excited group was lucky enough to take time out of the school day to paint their own pot, before planting daffodils to lighten up their classroom throughout the spring.

Cancer Council fund-raising officer Rebecca Townsend said that that it was important to raise cancer awareness among people of all ages.

"Everybody has a cancer story, including children,” she said. 

“We run these events as a way for schools to support Daffodil Day and to raise awareness among primary school children.”

The Cancer Council has organised the event since 1986 in order to raise funds for cancer support, advocacy and research.

The theme for this Daffodil Day 2017 is 'for someone I know’.

Mrs Townsend said that the symbolic importance of the daffodil for cancer sufferers is a crucial element of the day.

“The daffodil is an international symbol of hope – it is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring,” she said. 

Daffodil-themed pins and merchandise will be sold throughout Launceston on Thursday and Friday to commemorate the day. All proceeds will go towards cancer research.