Police catch Devonport woman six times over legal alcohol limit on Sunday

A drunk-driver has been caught more than six times over the limit.

A woman was reported driving erratically on the Bass Highway at Elizabeth Town about 6.30pm on Sunday. 

The 38-year-old woman was eventually pulled over by police on Smith and Others Road at Sassafras.

Police believe the woman was heading home to Devonport.  

Senior Constable Simon Triffitt said police immediately saw the Devonport woman was strongly effected by alcohol. 

The driver accompanied officers to the Devonport police station for a breath analysis, and she returned a reading of 0.314.

Police arrested and charged the woman with exceeding the prescribed alcohol limit and driving under the influence. 

Due to her level of intoxication, police said they detained the woman for her safety. 

She was bailed to appear in court.

Senior Constable Triffitt said it was unusual for a driver to return such a high reading. 

“To think that this was detected on a major highway is astonishing. I think it is very lucky that this woman didn’t crash her car, and that someone wasn’t hurt,” Senior Constable Triffitt said.

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