TasWater inquiry time frame hampers debate says LGAT

TasWater's Margaret St facility in Launceston.
TasWater's Margaret St facility in Launceston.

Local government has hit out over the three week submission deadline for the Legislative Council’s select committee investigating the proposed state government takeover of TasWater.

The calls for submissions were advertised on the weekend with a closing date of September 8.

Local government association of Tasmania chief Dr Katrena Stephenson said the short time frame was likely to hamper proper debate.

“LGAT supports the broad terms of reference which will allow the committee to consider the flawed concept and legislation, deficient business case, and illegality of the government’s hostile takeover,” she said.

“However, the timeframes are incredibly short given the significance and complexity of this issue.”

The advertisement also noted that hearings will commence mid-September.


“The state government did not put the legislation through the preliminary minimum 5- week consultation processes required under the consultation and communication partnership agreement on the basis of the select committee process but this is now truncated,” Dr Stephenson said.

“LGAT will not be able to consult with councils fully in making the submissions. Councils will not have the time to take this matter for consideration at a council meeting. No one will have the time to review other submissions and prepare for hearings in such a tight time frame.”