Beaconsfield Mine stabilisation works 'not progressing'

The Beaconsfield Mine has had significant underground movement, camera footage has shown. 

The West Tamar Council’s general manager said the mine was now at a “critical point” after the restabalisation works hadn’t progressed the way they hoped. 

Technicians put a drill rig 180 metres down the shaft on Thursday, with a camera attached, and found another blockage. 

The camera wouldn’t go further than 180 metres down. The council planned to make another attempt on Friday. 

“We haven’t been able to establish what we wanted,” Mr Vos said. “We were hoping to get a camera down and see progress.”


A further update is expected on Wednesday when the council meets with Launceston consultancy firm Pitt and Sherry to view the footage they were able to capture. 

Mr Vos said the decision they made regrading the process was the right one at the time.

“Things have happened that we didn’t anticipate. We’ve been working at considerable depth and working pretty blindly,” he said.