The Kids’ Cancer Project is heading to Launceston on Saturday

Like most four-year-old girls Pippa Harmey is still a fan of Frozen and very fond of dresses but she is also fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Research is helping more children survive and live with cancer and after seeing the effects firsthand, the Harmey family want to support others in the same position as them.

On Saturday a gala dinner will be held at The Metz to welcome The Kids’ Cancer Project founder Col Reynolds to Launceston and raise funds for childhood cancer research.

It is one of about 40 events being held during August to support the cause.

“The Kids’ Cancer Project are driving down the East Coast of Australia, they started just over a week ago and they haven’t been to Tasmania many times so it’s a big thing for Tassie,” Pippa’s mother Yvette Harmey said.

“It’s all to do with raising funds, awareness and to get people to recognise that children have cancer and try to find a better treatment than chemotherapy and, in years to come, a cure.”

Pippa has daily chemotherapy and the effect it has had on her tiny body is very hard for her family to see.

She will finish treatment in March.

“Her symptoms were a fever and fatigue, and leading up to the day she was diagnosed she had a continuous blood nose,” Mrs Harmey said.

“We spent the first four to five weeks in Hobart, where she has her first cycle of chemotherapy and then we were able to continue the rest of her treatment up here in Launceston.”

Tickets for the gala dinner on Saturday are close to selling out, go to for more information.