National Science Week explores the past, present and future of Launceston at QVMAG | Photos

The youngest residents of Launceston have had a chance to see how the city and region will look in the decades ahead as part of National Science Week.

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery hosted a free ‘Future Launceston’ temporary exhibition on Sunday which showcased history, archaeology, animals, recycling and biodiversity.

Natural Sciences curator David Maynard said the event featured bug club with live spiders and a spider expert, as well as some exotic insects and examples of what could be in Tasmania due to climate change.

Children could also examine maps of historic Launceston, see how the age of a slab of King Billy Pine could determined, and learn how to increase biodiversity and shading from the garden display.

“School groups through the week and today can get information about energy efficiency and how to improve biodiversity and then create it themselves … we are going to collate those ideas and share it with council this week,” Mr Maynard said.