Fitzies City Cafe closed forever

“This is the final call ever for Fitzies City Cafe. We are closing for the last time.”

Those were the words of the cafe’s co-owner Rhonda Talbot as she spoke through tears on Friday during the cafe’s final speaker call. 

The staff’s final day started at sunrise, as they prepared for the cafe’s “biggest day ever”. 

“We tore in here like maniacs, the day was a lot bigger than we expected and we got through until about five to 4pm before we ran out of any food,” Mrs Talbot said. 

Customers even pitched in by clearing their own tables. 

The cafe’s self-proclaimed “chained” dishwasher, Carolyn Jacobson said she normally washed 100 dinner plates a day, but on Friday, she washed more than 3000 items. 

Since 1994, Ms Jacobson has been counting every item she has washed. 

“Doesn’t matter whether its a teaspoon or a baking dish, I’ll count it,” she said. 

Co-owner Jenny Chilcott said it was hard to put her feelings into words. 

“We can’t thank everyone enough,” she said.