Sunrise over Launceston on Thursday: pictures, photos

It was a rather warm night for Launcestonians with overnight temperatures lingering around nine degrees. 

Thursday would be a partly cloudy day with a very high chance of rain in the afternoon and evening. 

The Bureau of Meteorology said there was a chance of a thunderstorm in the evening.

Northerly winds were expected to peak at 30km/h before shifting north-westerly. 

A maximum of 16 degrees was predicted for Launceston on Thursday. 

Similar conditions were expected on Friday. 

The bureau predicted a partly cloudy day with a very high chance of rain. 

Launcestonians could expect another warm night with a minimum of five degrees predicted on Friday. 

A maximum of 13 degrees was predicted. 

The cloudy, wet weather would remain consistent over the weekend. 

A maximum of 14 degrees was predicted for Saturday and Sunday. 

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