Your Say: Friday, August 11, 2017


IT WAS very good to read that the long-running pay dispute between Cricket Australia and the players is finally over.

Now at last, the paying public know where they stand and can look forward to the upcoming season.

However, by far the best part of the whole thing is that female players, who have consistently put on a far better performance than the men over recent years, are finally getting the recognition and pay rise they so richly deserve.

Richard Hill, Newstead.

Human Rights

THE RIGHT to protect ones home and person is a basis human right. When this right is denied us by any government we become slaves. Slaves to the criminals and the justice system which is proving to be anything but just.

Marilyn Reis, Ravenswood.


SO JOSH Frydenburg thinks our Prime Minister stood up for Australia during the heated phone call with President Donald Trump on the refugee deal with US. What he did was to give US a get out of jail card and not agree to accept any of the applicants and agreed to accept any migrants that they wish to foist upon Australia. Once again showing complete indifference to the plight and human rights of asylum seekers. Obviously saving his job is more than important a simple act of humanity.

A. Carter, Mowbray.

APX Cable

I WAS dismayed to read that the Tasmanian government has apparently failed to act on the offer by SubPartners to get a Tasmanian connection to the APX cable which will pass the south of our state. What a perfect opportunity to expand on Tasmania's status as a growing ICT hotbed, future proof our telecommunications infrastructure, and open up new opportunities for industry, all thrown away.

We can only hope that those who are pushing for public disclosure of the reasons for the decision are successful, so we know who to hold accountable in the decades to come.

Anders Russell, Launceston.