Email scam: Tasmania Police warn of fake infringement notices

Tasmania Police has again issued a warning over online scams after receiving reports imitation infringement notice emails are circulating.

Legitimate emails from Tasmania Police do not contain links and do not come from a Hotmail or any other free email provider account. 

The scam emails will refer to the individual by name and are likely to include US-style terminology such as ‘violation’ rather than ‘offence’ and the date format appearing as month, day, year instead of day, month, year.  

Anyone who receives this email is advised not to open the links and to delete the email.

Tasmania Police will only email infringement notices if a recipient has had face-to-face contact with a police officer, has provided their email address to the officer, and the person agrees to receive email correspondence. 

An official infringement notice from police will also contain the Tasmanian government logo and barcode for use by Service Tasmania, as well as contact information for Tasmania Police Traffic Liaison Services. 

Members of the public can contact Traffic Liaison Services on 6173 2963, if they believe they have received an infringement by mistake. 

Scams can be reported to