Your Say: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fuel Prices

FUEL in Sydney: 105.9.

Fuel in Launceston: 153.

Has Tasmania gone to war with a country that supplies fuel? If not why such a huge difference?

Davis Seecamp, Trevallyn.


IT APPEARS that Barnaby Joyce is loudly condoning the theft of water by big growers. I didn’t hear a similar outcry defending  those accused of welfare theft, even though he has an opinion on just about everything. If welfare theft is to be prosecuted then so should water thieving. But big agribusiness obviously has far more clout  even though the farming practices they employ are questionable.

Frank Giles, St Marys.

TasWater handover

THE Liberal Party initiative to introduce legislation to consolidate water management in Tasmania is well overdue.  Treasurer Peter Gutwein is to be commended for promoting this legislation in an environment of local governments’ vested interests and entrenched parochialism. Urgently needed investment for the water sector will be easier to secure and better managed under one Government Business Enterprise.

Tasmania is a small state with a relatively small population. The days of wasting public funds on replicating management structures in three locations; along with the associated infrastructure and overheads, is long passed. Water is a vital commodity best managed consistently by one GBE for the benefit of all Tasmanians.

Mark D. Wells, Launceston.

TV Advertisements 

THERE have been several letters concerning the terrible programs on the commercial stations but is there anyone else who, like me, is sick to death of these constant insurance ads. Presumably the insurance industry is a very lucrative field, judging by the money that must be being spent on these ads. The only good side is that it gives lots of time to make a cup of tea or go to the loo. 

Margaret Dennis, Scottsdale.