Letters to the editor: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A.R. Trounson, of Needlesn believes the City of Launceston needs to do a lot more exploring and public consultation in redeveloping its Brisbane Street Mall.
A.R. Trounson, of Needlesn believes the City of Launceston needs to do a lot more exploring and public consultation in redeveloping its Brisbane Street Mall.

Mall Revamp

CITY of Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said the council’s vision is a dynamic, high quality must visit environment for the central business district in Launceston (The Examiner, July 29).

Alderman van Zetten said the public had identified a number of issues worthy of exploration during the various stages of public consultation, including outdated seating and lack of shelter. Judging by the artist’s impression, the council needs to do a lot more exploring and public consultation.

Wouldn’t three half tubes offer more shelter than half a dozen umbrellas. If you ran the tubes parallel to the shop fronts it would also make the Mall look longer. As far as the paving in the impression goes, it would cause a person with Meniere’s disease to have a seizure.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.

Domestic violence

DOMESTIC violence occurs in many ways and we need to recognise that domestic violence is increasing in our communities and that “coercive control”, or ”coercive domestic abuse” is at the heart of domestic violence. Controlling or coercive behaviour may include a repetition of threats, humiliation and intimidation, stalking, stopping a partner socialising or controlling their social media, surveillance through apps or dictating what they wear. 

It may also include damage to property, threats to reveal or publish private information, sexual bullying, financial abuse and abduction. Controlling or coercive behaviour limits a person’s basic human rights and can be very harmful to the victims who may fear repercussions if they do not abide by the abusers rules. Often they fear that physical violence will be used against them, resulting in severe psychological and emotional damage. Making “coercive control” a criminal offence would be a significant step forward in protecting victims of domestic abuse.

Vicki Maree Wood, Carrick.

Launceston Sewerage

Further to Jim Collier’s letter (The Examiner, July 20) on average 7 million people suffer from illnesses caused by exposure to raw sewage per year – of those 7 per cent become severely or fatally ill. Viruses most common are gastroenteritis, hepatitis A, poliomyelitis and bacteria infections then there are parasites cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis. You can see these facts and more alarming facts if you google “disease caused by raw sewage”. Alarming isn’t it? Meanwhile, in Launceston we put up with 1000 spills of raw sewage a year into the Tamar River and our government spends more than $977 million on things like running tracks, hockey pitches, moving universities, levelling Macquarie Point and tourist upgrades. There is no doubt government/council priorities are wrong and this will prove their demise in the next elections.  We don’t need another “Tamar taskforce at cost $2 million”. We need complete separation of sewage and no half measures.

Peter Newsom, East Launceston.

State Election

SEVERAL media outlets are suggesting the latest Reachtel polling indicates that Tasmania could be heading for a hung parliament at the next state election.

It is difficult to see how voters would consider returning Tasmania to the dark days of Labor and the Greens. Labor has changed leaders, but everything else remains the same.

Tasmanians know the Liberals are the only party able to gain a majority at the next state election and that Tasmania is emerging from the gloom of the Labor/ Green years due to the majority Hodgman Liberal government.

The Tasmanian Greens, in partnership with the Tasmanian Labor Party, were responsible for one of the darkest times in Tasmania’s political history, and come election day, when the opinion poll that matters is taken, Tasmanians will again reject the wrecking ball of Labor and the Greens.

David Bushby, Tasmanian Liberal Senator