Partial lunar eclipse in Tasmania: pictures

On Tuesday morning, Australia was treated to a partial lunar eclipse.

Launceston astronomer Martin George said, weather permitting, the event in Tasmania would be visible to the naked eye.

Mr George said the event would start at 3.22am, when the Earth’s shadow would begin to impact on the moon.

At 4.21am, the partial eclipse will be at its peak, with 25 per cent of the moon covered. 

From then, it will start to pass, and finish at 5.19am.

Eager Tasmanians set their alarms for the early hours of Tuesday morning to capture the event. 

April McLennan was among those who woke up to witness the event. 

Ms McLennan shared her photos with The Examiner

The next lunar eclipse for Tasmania will be on January 31 next year, and will be a total eclipse, Mr George said.

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