Moo Brew ale to help save Giant Tasmanian Freshwater Lobster

It may sound strange at first but one of Tasmania’s top craft beer companies is set to help save one of the state’s most remarkable species. 

The Wilderness Society has teamed up with Tassie brewer Moo Brew to launch a $20,000 crowdfunding campaign to create a beer - Giant Lobster Ale - to help save the Giant Tasmanian Freshwater Lobster.

As the world’s largest freshwater invertebrate, they can grow to the size of a small dog, live for 40 years and are only found in the streams of northern Tasmania. 

The species is listed as vulnerable under federal and state law with campaign manager from the Wilderness Society Tasmania, Vica Bayley, stating the situation was urgent.

“We really need the government to act now to ensure these lobsters have a fighting chance. What’s required is well understood and not unreasonable, they simply cannot survive without the protection of core habitat areas,” Mr Bayley said. 

Moo Brew has backed the campaign with the new ale and Wilderness Society’s national creative director Rob Beamish said it was fitting as local accounts say the incredible creature helped bushmen open their beers back in the day. 

“We believe Aussie beer drinkers will embrace the win-win situation where drinking a refreshing ale is also helping to save a legendary Australian beastie,” Mr Beamish said. 

Aquaculturalist Todd Walsh has spent more than 20 years studying the creatures and shared just how important the Tasmanian species is. 

“The world’s largest animal without a backbone in any river. Just think about that; there’s nothing like this in the Nile, the Amazon or anywhere else and we’re just letting them go down the tube,” Walsh said.

A plan for permanent safe havens to protect the creatures against threats has been put forward via a national lobster recovery plan which campaigners are hoping will be signed off by Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg.

All profits from the ale will go into the protection program, donate at

PASSIONATE: Aquaculturalist and well-known “Lobster Man” Todd Walsh with a giant lobster. Picture: Supplied.

PASSIONATE: Aquaculturalist and well-known “Lobster Man” Todd Walsh with a giant lobster. Picture: Supplied.


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