Swansea boat ramp to benefit 'entire region'

Swansea Boat Ramp in 2014.
Swansea Boat Ramp in 2014.

The extended Swansea boat ramp will benefit the entire region, according to Glamorgan Spring Bay mayor Michael Kent. 

The extension is expected to be complete by the end of August and would allow more boats to leave the area.

“(The project) was an extension to the existing jetty to go out further because a lot of the boats that were coming and going from there had a lot of incidents of insufficient water,” he said. 

“Mainly, they’ll be able to go out in to a lot deeper water because of the extended ramp.”

Cr Kent said the extension would bring more people and keen fishers in to the East Coast area. 

"It gives people more opportunity to say ‘well we couldn’t do it last year, but we can this year’,” he said. 

“From a tourism perspective I think it’s much more for the recreational fishermen. They are the people, probably by enlarge, stay in the area. It’s good for tourism.”

The Glamorgan Spring Bay Council applied for a government-funded grant about 12 months ago to complete the project. 

The state government, through Marine and Safety Tasmania, committed $700,000 towards the project, with the federal government committing a further $600,000 through the National Stronger Regions Fund.

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Jonathan Duniam said the upgraded ramp would result in improved safety outcomes while benefiting local businesses.

“The new ramp will provide access at all tides for users of this popular facility including the Freycinet Volunteer Marine Rescue Association, which will improve safety at the ramp and on the water,” he said.

“The design of the new ramp includes two lanes to meet the existing demand, and incorporates a new landing stage and a wave screen to provide shelter to the ramp.”

Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding said the work was completed by Tasmanian company, Tas Maritime Construction, supporting the government’s buy local policy.

“The new ramp will not only ensure better amenities for residents, it will also provide opportunities for jobs and future growth in the tourism sector,” Mr Hidding said.