Your Say: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Labor Leader Bill Shorten.
Labor Leader Bill Shorten.

Shorten’s Republic

UNBELIEVEABLE -  Labor Leader Bill Shorten’s big announcement - “Labor is going to push for a Republic”. Australia has existing problems, with the biggest debt on record, struggling pensioners and low income earners, huge shortages in housing, lack of jobs, high energy, fuel and food prices, and a troubled health system. It should be the priority of all parties to fix the above, before addressing other changes. Get your priorities right – roof over your head, warm with a full stomach and employment for all Australians.

Peter Doddy, Trevallyn.

Vehicle Lighting

WITH REGARDS to Mike Davis comments about vehicles driving with defective lighting. I think I may have written about this last year. My comments about drivers not turning their lights on while it is raining. But if drivers are worried about vehicle lighting which most aren't their is a plate glass window in the Kings Meadows car park at Coles supermarket. If one backs up to it one can see in the rear view mirror tail lights and stop lights when they are switched on.

Mr Cecil Neil Guy, Youngtown.

Telstra’s Digital Index

TASMANIA’S dismal results in the Australian Digital Inclusion Index echoes concerns raised at NBN committee hearings held across Tasmania. These results sadly confirm that under the Liberals, Tasmania is falling further behind in the digital divide. My electorate of Lyons dropped to a low of 46.5 points, two points lower than in 2015. Digital literacy in Tasmania is at crisis point and it's time the Liberals took it seriously to ensure regional Tasmanians can take part in the 21st century economy.

Brian Mitchell, Lyons Labor MRH

Desalination Plant

WITH THE recent reporting of a possible temporary barge-like desalination plant to be located at Okehampton Bay, which was not part of the original development application, and claimed by Tassal to be somehow commercial–in-confidence, there seems to be an indecent haste, reminiscent of the Gunns Pulp Mill?

Kenneth Gregson, Swansea.