Sticker design competition to inform Break O'Day region

St Marys and St Helens District School students will have the opportunity to design stickers for the Break O’Day region’s new recycling program

The competition involves designing a sticker to help identify the new and existing bins. 

The winners will receive a new iPad. 

The idea of the competition is to start the discussion with the Break O’Day community around what can be recycled as well as to help educate the community around the purpose of the bins.

Break O’Day mayor Mick Tucker said the campaign could create recycling aficionados. 

“Involving the school students in this way we hope will create a generation of recycling champions who are not only passionate about recycling but are empowered to help their families use the new service correctly and effectively,” he said.

“Because our existing bins, the ones with the yellow lids, will become our recycling bins and residents will receive a new waste bin, with a red lid, we wanted to ensure we had done all we could to make sure the community were across this big change. And who better to make sure this change is happening at a household level than our children.”

Both schools have been given an information pack on the competition, which includes a sticker template, guidelines and entry forms as well as a council recycling frequently asked question sheet. 

Entries for the competition can be emailed to or dropped into the council chambers by September 4. 

Once the winner is chosen, the stickers will be printed and delivered with the new bins.