Derby Lodge owners sell home in Sydney because of Derby excitement

The Derby buzz has spread to Sydney, and has inspired a couple to relocate their life to Tasmania to be part of it. 

Ben Jones and his wife Anastasia came to Tasmania on an overnight trip to ride the trails with their one-year-old child. 

“We heard a whisper about what was happening in Derby and decided to have a chat to a few real estate agents and looks at a few blocks, he said. 

“It pretty much happened overnight. We went back to Sydney and it just stuck in my mind.”

Mr Jones said it was the excitement of the World Enduro Series that cemented the move.

“We decided that we were going to sell our house in Sydney and get involved with the whole Derby experience,” he said.

The pair are behind the Derby Lodge, which is planned to be open by the start of next year.  The two separate dwellings will be able to house up to 12 people and will have secure bike storage. 

“There aren’t too many places in Derby that are doing new accommodation, but there are a lot of renovated shacks. We wanted to offer fresh, new accommodation in a good location,” he said. 

“People will be able to look from the lodge and see people riding the trails.” 

Mr Jones said he is passionate about supporting local businesses. 

“The whole reason for Derby and the council’s vision is to bring money to the area. So I  have  a goal to buy as much as I can locally and spend my money in the local community,” he said.

Mr Jones said he has employed a local builder and that construction was under way. 

“I’m really excited about what Derby is doing and I think they have a really good vision and I think it’s going to grow even more over the next five years,” he said.