Your say | July 17, 2017

Hare-Clark system

WILL Australia still be the only country in the world with the ridiculous Hare-Clark voting system when more state and federal elections are held?

It should be one person one vote to stop people getting into government who could not get enough votes of their own. It is not hard to see why the number of informal votes get larger.

Colin Knowles, Devonport.

Animal welfare

LAST year RSPCA helped 10,000 animals and 4200 of those were in its three animal care centres and 5800 of those were through individual animal cruelty cases. And all 10,000 were victims of man’s neglect.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.

Liquor outlet density

LEON Cooper questions why cigarettes and alcohol are legal (The Examiner, July 6). Simple answer to that is, all levels of government are addicted to the income they receive from the sales.

In recent times there has been a rapid increase in the opening of retail outlets that sell alcohol.  The ease of availability is a key factor in the usage of any addictive drug, especially a legal one.

Why are there so many liquor outlets opening, if multiple studies into the association between liquor outlet density in the community and underage alcohol usage show, the higher the density the greater the risk of usage and abuse?

Anthony Camino, Youngtown.

War coming?

I READ with interest John Hemmings' article "The world's sleepwalking towards a major conflict" (The Examiner, July 7).

What with the duplicity of the Russians and Chinese, Trump's impetuosity and naivety and the antics of the little fat paranoid megalomaniac with the terrible hair-do in North Korea, I don't think it's far away, even just days or weeks.

Somehow the Russians and the Chinese and the US have to agree to work together and put the brakes on Kim Jong-Un or we quite literally face the prospect of the "war to end all wars".

Richard Hill, Newstead.


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