Letters to the editor | July 17, 2017

NAME CHANGE: A file photo of University of Tasmania Stadium in Launceston. Rodney Jones says old habits die hard when venues change names.
NAME CHANGE: A file photo of University of Tasmania Stadium in Launceston. Rodney Jones says old habits die hard when venues change names.

What’s in a name?

WHEN York Park changed its name to Aurora Stadium, many in the community expressed opinions on the name change of an iconic venue, known around the country.

The recent change, to UTAS Stadium again caused confusion and mixed emotions within the football , sporting and general community.

A couple of the commentators on the AFL Footy Show recently were left confused and bewildered that the name of the iconic venue had changed again, and the abbreviated name needed explaining due to sponsorship deals.

Interestingly, commentators on ABC Grandstand broadcast of the Hawks game last weekend referred to the venue on several occasions as “here at York Park”.

Guess old habits die hard, or it was to let the listeners around Australia know exactly where the game was being played.

Of interest is that the internet reveals that several AFL grounds around the country are in fact named as a different stadium.

Rodney Jones, Launceston.

Football Conversion

I HAVE not until now, taken much interest in the AFL sport except at finals time, but I am now involved with four teams.

I once went on a wool tour to Victoria and watched Geelong train at Kardinia Park, hence an interest.

I go on tours and my tour driver is depressed (not seriously) for a week if Collingwood lose and it is compulsory to take an interest in Hawthorn.

My greatest interest which has only recently developed is in Essendon. My regular taxi driver, my gardener and my Bishop’s wife are all avid Essendon supporters.

I am to be buried in the limited momumental section of Carr Villa. 

On the headstone on the plot next to mine is an Essendon logo, so my neighbour for eternity will be an Essendon supporter.

I now watch the ladder with interest and an interest in the sport helps to pass the Tasmanian winter.

I observe the game, can at times be very exciting and of great skill.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.

Political Circus

THE column (The Examiner, July 8) about Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz seems to be trying to convey the idea that we are as pure as the driven snow, and yet Tony Abbott has used every opportunity possible since being deposed to knife Malcolm Turnbull.

Let us not forget it was Tony Abbott who deposed Malcolm Turnbull in the first place, and having been on the receiving end of his own medicine, has smarted ever since.

If this was not in the here and now, it would be easy to believe that this was mediaeval England, with all its' evil, betrayal,disloyalty and skulduggery that has been going on behind the throne.

For a balanced view, it would be appropriate for Malcolm Turnbull and one of his supporters to be given equal space.

Or is this one of those things that the abrasive Donald Trump would call fake news.

Neil White, Riverside.

Sinking feeling

DURING World War II thousands of tonnes of shipping went to the bottom of our oceans, destroyed by our enemies.

Now we appear to be doing it for them.

‘Sink the Bismark’ was an often used slogan, we seem to have come full circle only now it’s sink the HMAS Darwin as we missed out on HMAS Tobruk.

What an igominious end for a proud fighting ship.

Sunk by its own people so a select few can enjoy its watery grave, which I’m sure would turn over in, if able.

However, set up on land or a dock somewhere it could be seen by hundreds of thousands, expensive? Of course but no less the millions required to scuttle her and surely she deserves this consideration?

Ask the crew who sail her.

Ron Baines, King Meadows.


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