Your say | July 15, 2017

Not fooled

THE 2016 census shows that Christianity is at 52.1 per cent in Australia.

We are constantly being informed by the various media, that our country is not a Christian one.

Further figures show, that 30 per cent of people identified themselves as “no religion” and one wonders how accurate that number might be, as the Atheist Foundation of Australia campaigned for people to mark “no religion” on the national census.

Activists have been very busy with their push for all manner of projects, from gay marriage, to gender neutrality, abortion and on to assisted suicide, all couched in language that most people of good faith would aspire to, such as inclusion and minority rights.

Jesus Christ left us a clear message “love thy neighbour”, a message so simple and yet denied, mocked and subverted by a few powerful people and their followers. We are not fooled.

Mary T. Bates, Exeter.

Money problems

WHAT’S wrong with some of our top sportsmen and women, I notice one of our tennis players is bored like a lot of our footballers being depressed, gambling  and other afflictions.  

There must be too much money and time on their hands, I have heard comments about getting a real job but it appears that in our modern times it seems to affect everyone.   

Surely it must be easier if you have money because simply you can buy your way out of situations or just relocate to warmer climes.

Anthony Galvin, Mayfield.

Talk sense

A FEW days ago I saw an interview with Stephen Hawking, perhaps the greatest brain on the planet, who fears that Donald Trump's "carbon rich" policies will mean our planet's doomed.

How do you talk sense to a man who says global warming is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese?

In all honesty Congress and the Senate should invoke the 25th Amendment or impeach him, get rid of him and replace him.

Richard Hill, Newstead.


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