Scottsdale Tasmanian Womens League North players share legacy with earlier generations

Legacy: Scottsdale players Dearne Taylor and Cara Howlett, Hayley Kerrison, Miranda Oliver and Alex Hall. Picture: Supplied
Legacy: Scottsdale players Dearne Taylor and Cara Howlett, Hayley Kerrison, Miranda Oliver and Alex Hall. Picture: Supplied

For the Scottsdale women running out onto the football field for the first time this year, there was more than just a game of footy ahead: there was the continuation of a legacy.

And when Scottsdale took out the inaugural Tasmanian Womens League North grand final against Evandale last week, that legacy was cemented.

An inversion of the father-son rule, many of the women played with father-daughter connections – something that wasn’t immediately in evidence with married names hiding the legendary Roozendaal, Dennis or Taylor.

Miranda Oliver is the daughter of AFL Tasmania legend Peter Roozendaal, a Scottsdale life member who played more than 400 games across his senior career.

Roozendaal represented Tasmania against the St Kilda-Richmond team in 1978, as well as contributing comprehensive power to the Scottsdale club through its dominance of the ‘80s.

Oliver said it was still hard to put into words the potency of such a connection, not only for herself and her father, but for the club and the wider community.

“All of the dads are behind us 100 per cent,” she said.

“You can watch football as much as you like but until you actually get in and have a go, you don’t realise what you’re missing.”

Playing alongside Oliver was team captain Alex Hall, daughter of the late Jamie Dennis who, like Roozendaal, contributed to Scottsdale’s dominance on the field.

For Hall and Oliver, there was an extra level to their connection.

“Particularly for Miranda and I, her dad and my dad were ruck/rover combination, and that’s actually ended up where we’ve ended up playing this year,” Hall said.

Oliver said the partnership with Hall was a particularly special experience.

“To be able to recreate that … was noted not just by us but the older generation as well," she said.

The club’s father-daughter legacy continued with Dearne Taylor and Cara Howlett, daughters of multiple premiership player Michael Taylor; Hayley Kerrison, daughter of Robert Kerrison; and Jessica Cairns, daughter of Mark Coniston.

For Oliver, being able to sit down and work through the technicalities of a complicated match with her father gave her fresh understanding of the game.

And while Hall could not enjoy the same experience with her father, the connection was no less strong.

“He [played football] very well, so I probably am very fortunate to actually wear the black and white jumper,” Hall said.

“Every time I wear it I feel very privileged and lucky.”