Northern Midlands Council to discuss its top five priorities at July meeting

Woolmers Bridge replacement has been listed as the Northern Midlands Council’s top priority project for the current financial year. 

The bridge is “rapidly approaching the end of its useful service life”, the council’s general manager Des Jennings wrote in the July agenda. 

The bridge could be completely closed by 2018 if it is not replaced. 

“The bridge is subject to regular inspections following tomming [additional support] under some of the spans,” he said. 

“The expected deterioration of the bridge has resulted in the imposition of a 12-tonne load limit.” 

The council’s top five projects were listed in its July agenda. 

The Perth Structure Plan is council's second priority. 

“The Perth Link Road Project will see the Midland Highway divert heavy traffic away from the central business district of Perth … Stage two will being to impact on Perth by 2020,” Mr Jennings said. 

“It is imperative that the recently completed Perth structure plan be implemented to ensure that the town can grow.”

Campbell Town main street and urban design and traffic management strategy was also listed as a council priority. 

Mr Jennings said the project had the potential to create significant economic benefits for the town. 

“The town’s main street is in dire need of a makeover to capitalise on existing assets, improve urban design and landscaping, and to address traffic management and pedestrian safety concerns,” he said. 

Mr Jennings said rejuvenating the town’s main street would entice travellers to spend longer in the town. 

The TRANSlink Precinct Renewal Project’s stormwater was rated as priority number four as the council identified it as a growing industrial hub. The precinct is opposite the Launceston Airport. 

“The precinct is a key economic driver and an important linkage point for freight, business and industry across the state,” he said. 

An Evandale Road update came in at number five for the council. While this is not a council-owned road, it has been identified as a priority because it is the “gateway” to Northern Tasmania.