Letters to the editor | July 13, 2017

Vicki Jordan, of Mowbray, shares her thoughts on the new hotel planned for Launceston - The Verge.
Vicki Jordan, of Mowbray, shares her thoughts on the new hotel planned for Launceston - The Verge.

Thoughts on Hotel Verge

I CANNOT believe the ugliness that is planned for Cimitiere Street (The Examiner, July 6).

Described in fancy architectural terms, it is still a block of concrete proposed for a historic precinct that contains the Albert Hall and significant Victorian terraces. 

Launceston is on the verge to becoming another concrete jungle. 

Was nothing learnt from the demolishing of the library and the erection of the 1970s concrete monstrosity of Henty House that holds Service Tasmania?

How can the proponents of the Hotel Verge believe that the design they have put forward does in any way adequately or sympathetically interpret the distinctive (Victorian)  facades of Launceston. 

Architect Todd Henderson, your fancy language and your ideas are in absolute conflict with the rhythm of Launceston's characteristically historic and much loved and admired buildings.

I hope the City of Launceston council does not pass this incongruous building application. 

Keep the ugliness in Hobart. 

Vicki Jordan, Mowbray.

Waiting for the state election

AS A swinging - sorry, undecided – voter who is interested in politics, I can hardly wait for the state election, I would love them to bring it on early.

Labor seems to be on the upswing in Tasmania in Canberra and Britain, but can it be enough,  they must not have any stuff ups.

I get the feeling people want a change, too many things are going wrong, but then that is the price of being in government.

Both One Nation and the Nationals are threatening to stand candidates and then there are the independents, and, of course, The Greens.

It would be nice if voting was “first past the post” as in Britain, but with our beloved Hare-Clark electoral system the final result will be drawn out and it would be a brave person who would predict the result.

If no one party gets a majority it will be up to the governor to decide on whom to call on to form government.

But even here there is a problem.

Her Excellency spoke adversely about Pauline Hanson and she may have to excuse herself if One Nation features in any way and it will be up to the Lieutenant governor (The Chief Justice) to perform his vital role.

As always Tasmanian politics is interesting.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.

Confusion over footy rules

ONCE again I fail to understand why the long accepted rule of in the back is ignored.

Plus the player in front is interfered with when not in possession or in control of the ball.

The game wasn't designed for divers. 

Also the outstretched arms appealing for a free kick should be left at primary school. 

As the general rules no longer apply, players will become frustrated where some will take advantage causing a response of retaliation. 

In days gone by, the square up will resurface.

If this is what the viewers want, so be it.

We listen to some coaches who want players to test what umpires will allow,but not to go over the line.

After receiving a clenched fist to the back of the head by an opponent when competing for an overhead mark will be ignored by the umpires, hairs will bristle to even up, but careful not to go over the line. 

The AFL have left it too late to play by the rules, it will only get worse. 

The incredible skills on display should be the main focus for the AFL to protect, they are not doing their job by allowing the dive to be part of our skillful game.                                                                                      

Hugh Boyd, Prospect Vale.

Midland Highway

PERHAPS we are building roads the old fashioned way in Tasmania? I suggest the builders of the Midland Highway and Cambridge Road go for a trip to Queensland to see how to build a road. Laser level with no bumps. I fear the Midland Highway will become a maintenance nightmare very soon.

Rod Force, Midland Highway.

Torn Jeans

MR KNOWLES (The Examiner, July 7) is spot on in his letter regarding the jeans the guys and girls are wearing these days. I feel that I should have a sewing kit with me so that I can offer it to these people who are wearing this so-called fashion statement.

If they want torn jeans go to the op shops and get a pair then tear them yourself. You'd be helping people in need and saving yourself a fortune. Don't know who thought up this particular fashion but they are ripping off the public and making them look like derelicts.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.

PaTH scheme

THE Federal government’s PaTH scheme is nothing more than welfare for employers. We should increase taxes and give every Australian a livable allowance. In order to reduce the amount of money that is wasted on unnecessary jobs within Centrelink and job active provides.

Leon Cooper, St Leonards.


THE North and North-West will lose its only full-time neurologist with Dr Kurien Koshy saying his cries for help were ignored by the state government (Sunday Examiner, June 25).

What cries for help? Dr Koshy has resigned after being stationed at the Launceston General Hospital for more than six years.

Six years ago there was a three-year waiting list to see Dr Koshy. What cries for help? Why doesn’t the uncaring government simply employ more neurologists? With Dr Koshy moving to Melbourne, once again the mainland gets the attraction while Tasmania gets a subtraction.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.