Cressy selected as Tasmanian site for Australian Pasture Genebank trial

Cressy is part of a genebank pasture trial.
Cressy is part of a genebank pasture trial.

A temperate grasses regeneration program is being conducted in Northern Tasmania.

The program will play an important role in the development and access of pasture species suitable to Tasmania’s climate and grazing systems into the future.

Last week the team at TIA planted 20,000 seedlings into 200 plots at the Cressy research station. 

Each plot is protected by four hectares of ryecorn pollination barriers.

The project is being spearheaded by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture and is part of a broader program run by the Australian Pasture Genebank.

The Tasmanian site is one of four regeneration sites around Australia, with other sites located in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.