Counting down to Tassie trout season

Midwinter it may be but many anglers will already be anticipating the brown trout season’s opening on August 5, now just over three weeks away.

Although fishing Arthurs Lake will be in many plans, catches from there have often disappointed in recent years with anglers reporting fewer, smaller trout. The Inland Fisheries Service, however, is predicting heavier bags this coming season.

A survey in 2013 showed only 10 per cent of trout were 400 millimetres or longer compared with 34 per cent last year. Then this year’s spawning run indicated just over half are now 400 millimetres or more.

The IFS is confident that this improvement will be reflected in catches this coming season.

For anglers who can’t wait, Lake Barrington remains open and was stocked on July 3 with 150 massive domesticated Atlantic salmon, averaging six kilograms with some up to more than a whopping nine kilograms. Then into Craigbourne Dam on July 7 went 105 similar salmon.

The IFS suggests trying soft plastics and brighter-coloured lures, including those in orange, pink and red. Also recommended is Powerbait, suspended about 30 centimetres below a float.

For those after other monsters, Clarence Lagoon opens on August 5 and holding big brook trout.

A recent survey yielded about 40 trout up to four kilograms and stocks were boosted on July 4 with 360 adult domesticated brookies.