Northern Midlands Council budget to benefit whole region

More than $20 million will be spent in the Northern Midlands region this financial year after the voted to adopt the budget. 

The council will also have a $16 million capital works program. 

Northern Midlands mayor David Downie said all the projects would greatly enhance the region. 

“We’ve been able to use the stimulus package to ramp up our capital works program, which should bring forward projects that will greatly benefit our community,” he said. 

In the budget, the Woolmers Bridge will be replaced at an expected cost of $2 million. 

Sections of Barton Road and Macquarie Road at Campbell Town will be reconstructed with $1.4 million budgeted for the project. 

The Campbell Town Recreation Clubrooms and amenities will be replaced. The council have allowed for this project to cost $1.8 million and an extension to the Longford Sports Centre Gym to about $1 million. 

Both Longford and Cressy’s Recreation Ground’s facilities will be upgraded for less than $800,000, along with lighting upgrades around several major sporting grounds in the region for about $1 million. 

Ross Public toilets will receive a $300,000 upgrade and stage one of the town’s Village Green redevelopment is planned to cost the same. 

Toilets at Valentine Park in Campbell Town will be duplicated with $300,000 budgeted. 

About $600,000 will be spent upgrading major plant and equipment. 

Cr Downie said aiming to deliver all the projects was “fairly ambitious”. 

“The benefits are flowing on through to our communities. It’s Important that as many dollars as possible are being spent out in our communities,” he said. 

“I think it’s great that we have projects all over our municipality.”

Cr Downie said the capital expenditure works programs would create more jobs. 

“It’s all work within the region and the idea is that this work is being done before the investment that will happen in Launceston at the university. It will all benefit the whole Northern region,” he said. 

Rates were increased 3.33 per cent. The council expects a small surplus.