Your say: Tuesday, June 20, 2017


LOCAL councils are being asked by the Local Government Association of Tasmania president Doug Chipman to contribute money for its proposed legal challenge of the state government’s takeover of TasWater.

All mayors that bend to his call have not got the will of all their ratepayers and are only playing legal games with the government over a problem they wish would just go away.

The one and only quick way that will happen is if the government takes over TasWater as soon as possible.

For far too long the problems Tasmania has had with water and sewerage has gotten worse and been swept under the too hard basket by the councils now trying to play out their legal games in a courtroom.

And in that, lawyers are the only winners.

David Parker, West Launceston.

Bull Slaughter

I CANNOT believe the Hodgman Liberal government allowed the bull slaughter to go ahead. This is the same government that voted against voluntary euthanasia due to their religious beliefs.

I'm sure the Bible doesn't condone a satanic ritual of needlessly killing an animal just for the fun of  wallowing in the blood and guts. Premier Will Hodgman, I'm sure all children and youth in Tasmania will benefit greatly knowing this government condones this type of treatment to animals.

Chloe Jenkins, Launceston.

St John Street

THE proposed St John Street redevelopment is unclear. Middle traffic lanes to turn rights into York Street and The Avenue will be abolished.

Does that mean no turning into York Street or The Avenue from St John Street, or the outer lanes can be used to go ahead and also turn right?

This will cause traffic blockage especially at York Street intersection with new wider footpath and new bus stop it leaves very little space for traffic flow.

Also if you cannot turn right into The Avenue, traffic will have to go south on St John Street and turn left into The Avenue. I consider it to be a nightmare.

Patricia Hinds, Youngtown.