Letters to the editor: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A.R. Trounson, of Needles, says about 3000 people have thrown their support behind a petition to stop wombat culling in Tasmania
A.R. Trounson, of Needles, says about 3000 people have thrown their support behind a petition to stop wombat culling in Tasmania


NEARLY 3000 people have thrown their support behind a petition to stop wombat culling in Tasmania (The Examiner, June 14). That’s great news. Now that the Tasmanian devil is evolving an immunity (naturally) to the devil facial tumour, it’s time the government changed its focus to saving some of the less iconic native species like the common wombat.

A state government spokesman said the department had significantly tightened to access to crop protection permits since the wombat mange infestation. The main reason wombats are nibbling at farmers crops is because Forestry Tasmania and the likes have destroyed so much of the native faunas habitat. It is no different than me (homeless) going to Vinnies for a handout

A.R. Trounson, Needles.

Mountain bikes

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has drawn attention to the boom that mountain biking has brought to parts of North-East Tasmania.  The Blue Derby trails are indeed magnificent, designed by riders and for riders.  Already the imitators from elsewhere in Tasmania and Australia are seeking a piece of the pie, but the quality of the tracks and the beauty of the surroundings will ensure continuing success. What a sad, sad shame, then, that taking overseas visitors to Derby revealed roads strewn with garbage.  

Endless, endless bottles, take away containers, and detritus swept from trucks and utes.   Areas outside Lilydale and Scottsdale are almost like parts of a garbage tip, but almost no roadside area is clean. Other countries are not like this. If we cannot stop bogans throwing garbage everywhere, we should tax or ban takeaway containers. ‘Eating in’ would create more employment and a better society, anyway.

P. Lloyd, Reedy Marsh.


THE Examiner (May 23) noted that the Northern Midlands Council has opted to contribute $10,000 to fight the state government’s plan to takeover TasWater. I assume this is the local ratrepayers money they intend to waste? The rationale behind this is a supposed loss of $1.5 million in assets, they forget to mention these assets rightfully belong to the ratepayers, whose money they intend to throw into a black hole sometimes known as failure.

I would hope the ratepayers have some say as to whether a good water supply is important to them and ask the council to keep the money for other projects. I’ll admit that should my council donate my rates to fight this plan I would be quite upset.

Ron Baines, Kings Meadows.

Data cable

THE federal Coalition budget and State Liberal budget both missed an opportunity to invest in a long-term prosperity building project for Tasmania. An investment in the intercontinental data pipe is an investment in local people, education, small business and Tasmania’s long-term future. The intercontinental data pipe could be connected so easily and would open up enviable opportunities and promote Tasmania to the world. The only thing standing in the way of a higher quality data connection is the Hodgman government and the Turnbull government.

If Tasmania were to secure this investment it would transform Tasmania into a digital economy hub and attract international business. We must make important public investments now to secure future opportunity and prosperity. You can’t grow an entire economy for the benefit of all Tasmanians without making core investments in digital infrastructure.

Helen Polley, Tasmanian Labor Senator

CH Smith

THE Heritage Council are never going to be satisfied with the redevelopment of the CH Smith site. They are not happy unless they have something to moan about.

Cecil Neil Guy, Youngtown.