Tasmanian Monopoly board revealed

A Tas-opoly board, as voted by The Sunday Examiner's readers.
A Tas-opoly board, as voted by The Sunday Examiner's readers.

We asked you to help us create an all-Tasmanian Monopoly board, and you did not disappoint.

During the week, the results of a nation-wide vote to determine the locations for an Australian Monopoly board were released.

Tasmania scored three gongs with Stanley, Hobart, and Freycinet National Park. Strahan and Evandale were close seconds.

But we at The Sunday Examiner thought there were enough iconic Tasmanian locations to warrant an entire board. We sought your help through an online vote, and the results are in.

Launceston’s breathtaking Cataract Gorge was the top result, earning it the most expensive real estate location. Cradle Mountain was a close second.

Wineglass Bay, Port Arthur, and Binalong Bay earned the “green set” on the home straight.

Instead of railway stations, we dedicated our mid-side squares to the state’s beautiful national parks: Hartz Mountains, Mount Field, Southwest, and Freycinet.  And, of course, free parking has to be Campbell Town.

Instead of electricity and water companies, two of Tassie’s best-known brands got a guernsey: Boag’s Brewery, and Cascade Brewery.

We also asked for your suggestions; The Big Thumb at Scottsdale and Launceston City Park’s mushroom toilet gave us a giggle.

All that’s left to do now is decide the playing tokens. And, of course, who is going to be the bank.



Nowhere Else $60

Community Chest 

Promised Land $60

National Park: Hartz Mountains National Park $200

Queenstown $100

Corinna $100

Liawenee $120


Pub in the Paddock $140

Cascade Brewery $150

Evandale $140

Barnbougle Golf Course $160

National Park: Mount Field National Park $200

Strahan $180

Sheffield $180

Boat Harbour $200

FREE PARKING: Campbell Town


Flinders Island $220

King Island $220

Maria Island $240

National Park: Southwest National Park $200

Mount Wellington $260 

Bruny Island $260

Boag’s Brewery $150 

MONA $280


Wineglass Bay $300

Port Arthur $300

Binalong Bay $320

National Park: Freycinet National Park $200

Cradle Mountain $350

Cataract Gorge $400