Tasmanian Right to Information request data revealed

About 30 per cent of Right to Information applications received in Tasmania were provided back in full last financial year, according to the RTI annual report.

The report, tabled in Parliament on Thursday, found government departments received 741 applications in 2015-16, 181 of these were provided back in full. 

Local councils provided about 54 per cent of applications back in full and other public authorities about 36 per cent. 

Over all the sectors, 84 per cent of applications received were accepted. 

Throughout all the sectors, 400 out of 1154 applications received were provided back in part, 221 were excepted or refused, 61 were transferred, and 27 were withdrawn. 

The most common reason for a refused application was because the information was already available. 

The Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management was the department with the most requests in the year with 390, followed by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment with 77, and the Health and Human Services Department had 73.  

Overall, compared to the previous financial year, 42 more applications were received but 15 less applications were accepted.

About half of all applications received took less than 20 working days to be determined. 

The Tasmanian Health Service received the most applications of the public authorities with 58, followed by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board with 56, and 25 for the Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation.

Government departments accounted for 64 per cent of all applications accepted.