Your Say: Friday, June 16, 2017


WATCHING the news I couldn't believe how silly some people are getting. This little man was there from a  Sydney church pontificating on the evils and perils of, of all things, yoga. Can we take this person seriously when, whatever else is happening in  our world, yoga seems to be at the forefront of his mind? Really.

Glennis Sleurink, Launceston.

Queen’s Birthday

WHY DOES Australia waste time and money on the Queen’s birthday in June when she was born in April? Why bother at all? The Royals don’t do anything for Australia, except cost millions of dollars. Time to cut all ties with them. Spend the money where it is really needed here.

Colin Knowles, Devonport.

Nurse Shifts

HEALTH Minister Michael Ferguson has boasted that opportunities for state nursing graduates has never been better as the health system struggles to fill hospital positions (The Examiner, June 9). Sweet talk, but it’s all icing and no cake. Most of those graduates will be attracted to the mainland, and you can’t blame them, when Tasmanian nurses remain the lowest paid in the nation. Mr Ferguson said “it was particularly hard to get nurses in the specialty areas of nursing of emergency, intensive care and psychiatric care”. I ask Mr Ferguson, how many of those graduates you entice, will fill those specialty areas? The government has spent $3.5 million with nurse agencies so far this financial year and the use of locums overall will cost the government $27.7 million this financial year. It’s a bit like fishing, you’ve got to cast the right lure.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.

Inveresk inundation

SOME writers are sprouting nonsense in their dire warnings about future Inveresk inundation. We have just spent $58 million to ensure that doesn’t happen, as Alan Birchmore has pointed out. Levees or dykes to hold out water are common around the world. And that barrage advocated by Robin Frith would be another line of defence against sea level rise.

Dick James, Launceston.