Letters to the editor: Thursday, June 15, 2017

Road Safety Advisory Council chairman Jim Cox says Apple's new operating system will be available from September, disabling mobile phones while driving.
Road Safety Advisory Council chairman Jim Cox says Apple's new operating system will be available from September, disabling mobile phones while driving.

Road Safety message

“LEAVE your phone alone” is the message of the Road Safety Advisory Council’s anti-distraction campaign. And I’m pleased to say it’s the message from Apple. The mobile phone manufacturer’s next operating system will activate the do-not-disturb function when connected to a vehicle’s Bluetooth. The phone will not accept calls, texts or notifications.

Anyone who sends a text or rings will get the message: “I’m driving with Do Not Disturb on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going”. The new operating system will be available from September. Using your mobile when driving is potentially fatal. Inattention and distraction is a contributing factor in about a quarter of serious road crash casualties (fatalities and serious injuries).

It is encouraging to see Apple, and I hope other mobile phone manufacturers, acting to stop this dangerous behaviour. I hope the day isn’t too far away where a phone automatically switches off when the owner is driving. It would help the Road Safety Advisory Council get to its zero road crash casualties a lot quicker.

Jim Cox, Road Safety Advisory Council chairman

Tasmanian AFL team

TASMANIA would like an AFL team but there are a few issues that must  be fixed first. The most important being funding. Tasmania's AFL team would need a lot of funding for venue upgrades, player salaries, coaching positions, etc.

Secondly we'd need to pick out a name. This would be a problem as with our current North and South rivalry standing there would be a major war just for a name.

Third, talent. Tasmania would need lots of good draft picks and rob our state league for good players. This would impact other teams as well as our own state league. The AFL has a solution to this. Move North Melbourne to Tasmania.

There is no South Melbourne anymore and North Melbourne have the Tasmanian AFL academy. This will happen in the next 20 years.

North will kick Hawthorn out of Launceston and the state, and then gradually become our team whether they want to or not. I'd rather that if Tasmania is going to have a team it isn't because a club moved down here. Let's keep tradition and hope the AFL gives Tasmania its own team with its own origins.

Collin G. Wood, Newstead.

Palliative Care

I WOULD like to express my sincere gratitude, for all the professional medical care I have received at the Melwood Palliative Care Unit, at St Lukes Calvary.

Thanks to the amazing doctors, nurses, student placements, catering and cleaning staff. Thanks also to my social worker for her tireless efforts and support. Also the constant pastoral care given freely by the pastoral care minister, and the hard working volunteers.

I have been so blessed to have this exceptional and dedicated care, given at this facility. I cannot speak highly enough of these wonderful care providers who, alongside the nursing homes, create so much additional support to so many of us in the community, in our time of need. Your work does not go unnoticed, and is much appreciated, by patients and their families.

Glenys Bean, Riverside.

TasWater charges

BRUCE Lindsay (The Examiner, June 9) is right to complain about fixed water charges compared to actual usage. We have received two accounts, one for our home for $442.50, with usage of $211.02.

Fair enough, we used water for our lawns and gardens. the other account was for a small cafe for $418.17 with water usage of $4.13, less than 1 per cent of the bill. If banks tried to levy such a disproportionate fixed charge there would be an outcry from all levels of government.

Graeme Barwick, Riverside.