No Borders Weekender in Launceston supporting food and aid in Syria

ISLA KA will be performing at The No Borders Weekender.
ISLA KA will be performing at The No Borders Weekender.

Musicians and poets from across Launceston are set to come together next weekend to raise funds for food and aid in warn-torn Syria.

The No Borders Weekender was born through the desire to fight the feeling of powerlessness to help others when hearing, reading or seeing stories of destruction.

Organisers Brody Posthuma and Eve Gowen see the event as a way for the community to join together, support those in need, and have a good time in the process.

“A lot of people tend to feel like they can’t do anything about it and they don’t have the power, so this is an easy way of getting people together and showing that they can make a signifcant contribution,” Mr Posthuma said. 

Ms Gowen said part of art was making a connection with the world and the two gigs would help to do just that.

“Artists, musicians and those sort of people typically have a lot of time to be thinking about their art and what they are trying to say and that naturally brings along the critical thinking about what you are really doing it for,” she said.

“A lot of the time you are drawn to writing about the causes and wanting to make a real difference and use your art to help.”

The No Borders Weekender will be spread over two nights on Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22, with a $5 entry price.

An acoustic night will be the focus of the first evening at The Gunners Arms Tavern from 7pm. The lineup includes Nick Bennett of The Saxons, Denni Sulzberger, Eve Gowen and Trent Buchanan of Hurricane Youth.

Slamduggery will also be in attendance with performances expected from Chip Douglas, Cordelia Attenborough and Moira Seward.

Mr Posthuma said the Saturday night, at The Royal Oak Hotel from 8.30pm, was a little different.

“It’s a bit of a mixed line-up, we’ve got a bit of reggae, some grunge, some soft acoustic type of stuff, electric pop, definitely something for everyone,” he said.

“We’ll hopefully raise a fair bit and can channel it to this one cause … (those in Syria) are no less worthy of being safe then we are. 

“We can’t end a war with this gig but we can at least make a real difference to real people’s lives.”

Proceeds will go to the Act For Peace Syria Fund.