Subdivision approved by West Tamar Council at Legana

A 91-lot subdivision at Legana has been approved by the West Tamar Council.

The residential subdivision is proposed to be on land between Jetty, Bindaree and Ridge roads at Legana.

West Tamar mayor Christina Holmdahl said it’s the first stage of the Legana Strategic Plan. 

“It is the first of several stages which will see the population of Legana increase substantially, fairly quickly.”

Lots range in size from 713 square-metres to 1009sqm and the road layout comprises a thru-route linking Jetty, Bindaree and Ridge roads, with three cul-de-sac coming off this.

Once developed, the Montagu Orchard Estate will comprise 750 houses. 

Cr Holmdahl said the plan involves a large area devoted to recreational space. 

“One of the things the council will be doing is putting sporting amenities in that precinct of the Legana Structure Plan. We’ll be moving the cricket and the tennis courts and there will be other amenities that will be included as a part of our contribution to the recreational facilities of Legana,” she said. 

Cr Holmdahl said there had been no negative feedback about the planned development. 

“I think that means the community don’t see any issue and are satisfied that the development is going to improve the amenities of the area,” she said. 

The development is expected to take about two years. The plan also includes land being developed North of the Legana roundabout. 

“There is also the South Face, which is near the Grindawald turn-off, that hill that looks onto the Tamar River, there is a development planned for that as well. 

“It’s a part of the Legana Structure Plan but its by two totally different developers.” 

The plan would see 130 residential dwellings built. 

Cr Holmdahl said the development was expected to be high-end town houses or apartments. She said the developer is awaiting the return of their geo-technical report and is working through issues with the Tasmanian Planning Committee. 

“Legana is going to be a totally different place to what it is today … At the moment the population of Legana is just under 3500 people and it has the potential to be between 10,000 and 15,000 people,” Cr Holmdahl said.