Launceston free tip vouchers could be paid for by City Council's entry fee increase

Entry to the Launceston waste transfer station
Entry to the Launceston waste transfer station

The City of Launceston will discuss a proposal on Monday to increase the Domestic and Commercial and Trade Waste fees for 2017/18 to cover the reduced revenue from the two free entry vouchers.

Under the proposed scheme, a car load of rubbish will cost $11. Some increases could equate to more than 16 per cent.

Aldermen discussed the free tip days at a workshop on December 5 last year and decided the March and October free tip days should be replaced with a more flexible service.

The report given to the council ahead of its Strategic Planning and Policy Committee meeting said 5,980 tonnes of rubbish per year was expected to be collected from the free tip days.

This would be at a cost of $394,142 – up from the current costs of disposing rubbish from the previous two free tips days of $24,782.

This number was devised from comparing the free tip voucher models with Dorset Council and the West Tamar Council.

“Local governments in the northern region providing free tip vouchers receive redemption rates of 42 per cent and 70 per cent,” the report said.

“West Tamar Council, 42 per cent for three vouchers = 1.3 vouchers used, and Dorset, 70 per cent for five vouchers = 3.5 vouchers used.

“Based on these rates, it is assumed the redemption rate for Launceston will be around 50 per cent for both vouchers. “

The report said the average weight for disposal from February 1 to April 30, 2017 was 0.23 tonnes and if the 50 per cent redemption rate is assumed of 52,000 vouchers, then 26,000 vouchers will be redeemed.