Derby gets funding for stage two of mountain bike trails

Stage two of the Derby mountain bike trails will soon be underway after the state government confirmed funding in last week’s state budget. 

The project is expected to be underway by September 2017 and cost about $1.3 million. The government will contribute $800,000, and the council will fund the rest.

The funds will be distributed in the council’s upcoming budget which will be allocated in June. 

Dorset mayor Greg Howard said between 20 and 30 kilometres of extra trails are expected to be developed. 

“We intend to locate them in and around the mine hole, and probably a little bit into the reserve,” he said.

Cr Howard said the reason for the new trails was to cater for families and some of those above aged 50. 

“What we found out was that the trails that we had already built, the lower ones, we thought would be suitable for retirees and families. But as it turns out they're too difficult, so we’ve determined that we need some easier trails,” he said. 

“The kids are the next generation of mountain bilkers so it’s to get people to bring their family and also to try and attract the over 50s group who want to have a go at it, but might not be brave enough to try and tackle some of the trails.” 

Cr Howard said the council intends to hire World Trail, the Australian-based company who built stage one and are expected to build the St Helens trails as well. 

“We wouldn’t move away from them. They’ve done a fantastic job and we’re really, really pleased with what they delivered so we will certainly be using them again,” he said.

It is expected the build will take 12 months from the company’s start date. Cr Howard said the council is keen to get the trails underway quickly, but has to wait until they dry up. 

“They don’t normally build over the winter time, but certainly in September, October they’ll be back here to build those next stages,” he said.  

Cr Howard said the funding would allow an easier track, along with other trails to offer variety to those who had already ridden the existing trails.

The council hope to secure a stage in the 2019 World Enduro Series.

Nearly 40,000 people have ridden the existing trails.