Your Say: Saturday, May 20, 2017


WHY DO the councils of Tasmania have the right to say no to the government, which were elected by the people of Tasmania, to say no to the takeover of TasWater.

All ratepayers know we are being ripped off. Fair enough pay for the water but not the charges.

Dane Trevor Murphy, Ravenswood.

Student eye health

OPTOMETRY Australia has issued a warning that one in five school-aged students have an undetected vision problem (The Examiner, May 9). And more than one in five school-aged students have a mobile phone.

A R. Trounson, Needles.

Dairy cows

ROGER Allison feels the need to speak out about the plight of dairy cows, I totally agree. Tail docking prevents them from swishing away flies, I can’t even imagine how annoying that must be.

I well remember the slogan that Carnation Milk used for their promotions “from contented cows”. But of course had this been the UK, it may have read “from demented cows” given the outbreaks of Mad Cow Disease throughout England.

Ron Baines, Kings Meadows.


I could not agree more  with Mary T. Bates (The Examiner, May 13) with her letter on LGBTI education not belonging in schools.  Let's hope that we all support this, so very important for our next generation and family unit, it is the responsibility of the parents to train our kids.

Julian Oosterloo, Riverside.

St Georges Square

I WAS standing with a friend surveying the autumn leaves at St Georges Square. He said “not one of those leaves is absolutely identical”. I don’t know how he would know, maybe he did a random sample, but I am sure he is right.

Just like no two humans are or ever will be absolutely identical.I guess this gives you a sense of wonder, which you should never lose.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.