Hudson Civil will expand their Prospect business

Meander Valley Council unanimously moved a motion to allow a civil construction supplier to expand its business at their May meeting.

Hudson Civil plan to extend an existing building at Prospect by more than eight metres and increase the height to 10 metres to accommodate the plant and vertical lifting equipment.

The locally-owned business has been supplying customers with civil construction products for many years and potentially may go interstate as a result of the development.

Two residents who live close to the site voiced their concerns at the meeting during public question time.

One resident, whose house backs onto Hudson Civil, said he had been complaining about the current site for about three years and was concerned about dust and noise.

The site is already having noise monitoring tests and the Meander Valley Council are waiting to receive that report.  

Mayor Craig Perkins said the area’s residential zone and the industrial zone had grown together.

“The growth of both those has caused conflict,” he said.

Hudson Civil owner Michael Hudson addressed council and said the company was moving the development further away from the residential area.

“It won’t alleviate all concerns, but it’s the best outcome,” he said.

The business specialises in concrete pipes and Mr Hudson said his company was the only manufacturer in Tasmania. He said Tasmania would run out of large pipes by June without the development.

Mr Hudson said his development “ticked all the boxes” of the council’s planning scheme.

Councillor Andrew Connor said council shouldn’t be encouraging intensification on the site, and suggested relocating the business.

However, Councillor Ian Mackenzie disagreed.

“It’s good to see a Tasmanian company growing,” he said.

Councillor Rodney Synfield said moving the business was unrealistic and the proponent was attempting to address the issue.

Councillor Tanya King moved the motion and said she couldn’t see a problem with the development.