National Tertiary Education Union Tasmania pressuring University of Tasmania to reach new staff agreement

The National Tertiary Education Union is increasing pressure on the University of Tasmania to reach a new staff agreement, following a 10-month-long negotiation process.

NTEU Tasmanian Division secretary Dr Kelvin Michael said key changes sought by staff included equalising superannuation rates between all staff, whether casual, contract, or full time. 

He said a financial briefing provided by the university to the union for bargaining purposes showed the university was in a strong financial position and could adequately cover an increase in superannuation rates.

Another key issue for the NTEU is maintaining a single agreement covering all staff regardless of employment level.

Dr Michael cited financial investments made by the university, including the sponsorship of the AFL stadium at York Park, and the planned move to the centre of Launceston, as indications a financially stable agreement could be reached.

“Our members are starting to get a little bit impatient, and therefor we’re calling on the university to get serious about reaching an agreement with staff,” he said.

He said with a willing attitude from all parties a new agreement could be reached within one month.

A protest was held on the university’s Newnham campus on Wednesday with cardboard houses symbolising the campaign’s ‘invest in people, not just property’ slogan.

A UTAS spokesperson said the university was “in productive and good faith negotiations with our staff and the relevant unions”.