Your Say: Friday, May 19, 2015

Road Safety 

I NOTED the Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding’s promotion of Road Safety, particularly regarding traffic management on the Midland “bits and pieces” road and the emphasis he put on driver behavior at road works. The traffic management is atrocious; it’s confusing and inconsistent both between and through work sites. I wonder who authorised the traffic plans as they do not appear to be in accordance with any standard and do not provide road users with the necessary directions. Under the higher quality Tasmanian specifications dumped by the Minister there were more than 20 performance measures for traffic management, none of which are currently being addressed. So instead of blaming motorist’s behavior the Minister should acknowledge that he has created this unsafe situation for both workers and users.

Brian Watson, Lenah Valley.

Welfare crackdown

AT LAST the government is to crack down on those who chose to rort the welfare system by claiming single parenting payments when they are actually in a relationship. In one case a couple claiming to be separated were found to be living under the same roof and lying when they announced on Facebook they were expecting a baby. Welfare cheats cost taxpayers millions each year, and now the government requires proof they are no longer together in order for the individual to receive the single payment, it’s a step in the right direction to stamp out blatant fraudsters.

Robert Lee, Summerhill.

Vale Mark Colvin

VALE Mark Colvin, son of a British spy, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalist and broadcaster, who relatively recently hosted ABC Local Radio’s PM program for about 20 years. In a world of self-interest and personal agendas, Mr Colvin seemed to have the innate ability to seek the truth with an authoritative, yet courteous and soothing manner, which is a gifted juxtaposition that made him such a remarkable stand-out in the media profession?

Kenneth Gregson, Swansea.