Letters to the editor: Thursday, May 18, 2017

Keith Anderson, of Kingston, hopes the Euthanasia Bill will be dealt with this time in parliament.
Keith Anderson, of Kingston, hopes the Euthanasia Bill will be dealt with this time in parliament.

Voluntary Euthanasia

THE voluntary euthanasia issue is to be debated in Parliament again. I think that many people are groaning, "Oh, no. Not again”. I'm sure the issue will continue to be debated until the problem is fixed. The Bill being presented on May 24 is very similar to the Bill presented in 2013.

Despite the rhetoric now documented in Hansard, that Bill was quite good. A few minor imperfections were identified, and exaggerated beyond belief, and the 2016 Bill addresses those, but most of the objections were a lot like the excuses little boys use when they don't want to do their homework.

Reports from Canada and an inquiry by the Victorian Government have become available since 2013 and address those, in some cases using relatively blunt language not expected in an official report. I hope our politicians can remember when they vote that they are not voting to accept a new theory of life, the universe and everything, but just for a Bill to control access to voluntary euthanasia.

People who don't want voluntary euthanasia won't even need to say "no". The Bill explicitly requires that people considering voluntary euthanasia must initiate all and every request, and it will be illegal for anyone to offer it uninvited. I do hope we fix the problem this time.

Keith Anderson, Kingston.

Factory ships

I FEEL  I must reply to Colin Buxton  (The Examiner, Friday, May 12) regarding factory ships in our waters. Many studies have proven our seas are already struggling to maintain a healthy level of sustainability without the presence of these 'death' ships. There are plenty of research papers on the demise of oceans where these 'death' ships have been allowed to plunder all sea creatures for the sake of fish meal.

Don't look at the present, look to the past history of the locations where these 'death' ships have already been. Then ask yourself one simple question .... why are they now deciding to plunder the seas surrounding Australia? Answer: They have ruthlessly depleted most other oceans in the world. They've nowhere else. Don't argue about hypotheses on the future. Look to their past history. That will tell you all you need to know.

Marion Curtain, Deloraine.

Drink driving

I WRITE this in response to the reminder in The Examiner (Friday, May 12) not to drink drive. I felt a tightening in my chest when I read this knowing that after all we have seen, all we know that people need a front page reminder not to do it.

I wanted to throw a different take out there for those who may think that they are 'exempt', 'in control' or maybe they simply don't care and no one will know. I spend a lot of time driving for work and I have not only four beautiful children but a partner, family and friends who are trusting you to help keep me safe on the road, why would you take a chance like this and be willing to put my life on the line?

Every time I get into the driver's seat of my car I am putting my life in the hands of every other driver on the road, as are all of you. Not to mention trusting other drivers with the lives of my children when I strap them in. I am certain any mum or dad out there feels the same.

If you have a few drinks, you have a choice to make. It’s a simple one and it might cost you a taxi fare or inconvenience but I beg of you please, pay it. This isn't about you, so next time you think about getting behind the wheel when you shouldn't, remember that it's my life, my children's lives - even the lives of your own family friends or even children that you are literally casting aside to say 'they don't matter'.

Think I’m being dramatic? Bet the last person to lose a mother, father or child to a drink driver would disagree. To those that do make the right choice, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sam Lees, Launceston.