Abusive Facebook page put on notice

TASMANIA Police has formally asked Facebook to remove a group allowing users to post abuse about young Launceston people.

Launceston's Mouthy Posts allowed users to post public abuse on the social- networking site via the group's anonymous administrator.

The group hosted and displayed explicit and defamatory remarks about young people within the Launceston community.

The group could not be displayed last night but there were other similar groups on the social- networking site.

Launceston police's Detective Sergeant Paul Turner said it was a matter of concern for those featured on the page.

"As a result of some of the persons who have contacted us, we have formally asked Facebook to remove the site," Detective Sergeant Turner told Southern Cross Television yesterday.

"It's not a crime, depending on the content."

He said the website was like bullying in the school yard, but that it reached more people at a faster rate.

"We advise young people using Facebook not to post certain things, or inappropriate photos on the site," Mr Turner said.

"It can reach many more people, due to the amount of friends people have on the site."