TasPorts head talks about confidence in Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding

Infrastructure Minister Rene Hiddings
Infrastructure Minister Rene Hiddings

TasPorts chief executive Paul Weedon says he refused to answer a questions about his support for the state’s Infrastructure Minister in a radio interview as they were too political.

The government has come under fire recently with complaints that its substitute freight service was not delivering much-needed goods to the island fast enough to King Island.

Mr Weedon was interviewed on ABC Radio on Monday about ongoing shipping issues on King Island.

The second time he was asked whether or not he had full confidence in Mr Hidding’s continued position as Infrastructure Minister, he said:

"I don't think it's a matter of that, it's a matter of us getting on with the freight task."

Mr Weedon later released a statement, clarifying his position.

"Given the media interest in this, I want to make it clear that I work closely with Minister Hidding and I have every confidence in his abilities as a minister.

“We endorse his decision to request TasPorts establish the Bass Island Line to provide a shipping service to King Island following a market failure and we are continuing to deliver on that task for the benefit of the people of King Island.”

The state Opposition took Mr Weedon’s question dodging to mean that he did not have confidence in Mr Hidding.

“Twice the CEO of TasPorts was asked if he supported the minister and twice he wouldn’t answer the question,” Mr Broad said.

“If the head of TasPorts doesn’t support the Infrastructure Minister, how can Tasmanians?

“Rene Hidding’s handling of the King Island freight situation has been incompetent.”