Launceston College signs memorandum of understanding with Thai schools

A delegation of Thai education experts has signed a memorandum of understanding between Launceston College and Thailand, to develop new bonds of educational excellence.

Directors of 29 Thai schools visited Launceston College, the Australian Maritime College, and Port Dalrymple School before going to Hobart this week.

The visit is part of a “World Class School Strategy” to improve education standards across Thailand by the country’s Office of Basic Education Commission.

Launceston College principal Keith Wenn said after spending several days with the delegation, close bonds had already formed between people striving to find superior education standards.

“After a couple of days I’m thinking of you less as educators, more as friends of Launceston College, and friends of the city of Launceston,” he said.

Mr Wenn said the memorandum would see exchanges of information, training, and teaching experts between Launceston and Thailand over the coming years, raising standards and sharing experiences between a number of schools.

“[The memorandum] is one that I hope is going to ensure that we are going to be one education community, Thailand and Launceston, and we are going to share as much as humanely possible the professional development of our staff,” he said.

“We’re going to share our languages, we’re going to share our culture, and we’re going to share our friendship.”

He said 63 Thai schools will take part in the program, and noted the significance of having 29 of Thailand’s top educational experts all in Australia.

Mr Wenn said it was unlikely such a gathering of educational experts from another country had been seen before in Australia.

City of Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten welcomed the delegation to the signing ceremony at Town Hall on Tuesday and commented on the growth of Tasmania as an a place for international students to call home.

“Launceston is a city of learning open to the world,” he said.

“In a global market students can choose to study anywhere in the world.”